Just a few miles east of the Salton Sea sat a deserted military base wanted by neither state nor county. The abandoned wasteland was left unclaimed until squatters started settling in one by one; making use of everything the desert had to offer, including the trash. With hardly any law enforcement, and no property taxes, Slab City drew in the unemployed, travelers, ex-convicts, and people who simply enjoy the lack of structure that is present in today’s society.

Through dedication and community, this town has grown to accommodate a skate park, a golf course, a music venue, multiple shooting ranges, a solar powered internet café, and a national folk monument known as Salvation Mountain. Every home and living structure is unique in its use of scraps and what it does to serve the other inhabitants.

To photograph the essence of freedom throughout the town, I knew I couldn’t just visit Slab City but I had to experience it. This portfolio is just the start of an ongoing project that not only documents my personal experiences in the town, but that of the people who live in the last free place in America.